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What is a gas certificate?

The gas certificate shall be a document completed by a gas installer authorised to install a gas installation, in whole or in part, and granted to the owner of the gas installation and its gas supplier.




How do I get a Gas Safe certificate?

You can obtain a gas safety certificate or a gas safety record form by booking a consultation with an approved gas safety engineer. They will conduct a visual check of all your gas devices, as well as the accessible pipeline, to ensure that they are in good condition, and a test in the pipeline to ensure that there is no gas leak.

What is a boiler installation certificate?

A boiler certificate confirms that the device was installed by a qualified heating engineer... your certificate indicates that the boiler was installed by a Gas Safe engineer and that it was registered with the local authorities in accordance with the construction rules.

How long does it take to get a gas certificate?

You should receive one of these if an authorized engineer Gas Safe installs a domestic gas appliance that produces heat on your property. Actually it is a way to inform the local authority of the new domestic appliance, and you should receive by mail within 28 days of a new domestic appliance has been installed.

What is a gas ECV?

The ECV is located where the gas transmission system or gas transport tube meets the gas meter. An emergency control valve (ECV) is a safety mechanism in a gas service tube that connects a gas meter to the gas supply system.

What is a gas inspection?

A gas security control differs from a gas service. It is primarily designed to inspect any gas equipment, including boilers, kitchens and fires (permanent or portable) to ensure that they work properly and safely. A gas security control MUST be performed by a registered gas security engineer.A gas safety check is different from a gas service. It is designed primarily to inspect all gas appliances, including boilers, stoves and lights (permanent or portable) to ensure that they work properly and safely.

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