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What parts are compatible with a Model #1066676241 Kenmore refrigerator?

  • Refrigerator Permagum Sealer with MPN 212643

  • Refrigerator Ice Cube Tray with MPN 509423

  • Appliance Spray Paint (Black) with MPN 206924

  • Thread-Forming Screw, 8-Pack with MPN 487234

  • Refrigerator Screw with MPN 487484

  • Refrigerator Butter Storage Tray with MPN 214704

  • Refrigerator Leveler with MPN 508707

  • Refrigerator Capacitor Screw with MPN 486001

  • Appliance Screw with MPN 487032

  • Appliance Screw with MPN 487052

  • Appliance Touch-Up Paint, 2-Oz (White) with MPN 511873

  • Appliance Porcelain Touch-Up Paint, 1-Qt (White) with MPN 799344

  • Refrigerator Water Supply Shut-Off Valve with MPN 541157

  • Refrigerator Door Bag Insulation with MPN 606755

  • Refrigerator Shelf Bracket Holder with MPN 520965

  • Refrigerator Air Damper Control Actuator Cam with MPN 516847

  • Appliance Screw with MPN 486194

  • Dishwasher Screw with MPN 487830

  • Screw with MPN 488344

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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