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What parts are compatible with a Model #GWW-25P-LP Suburban gas-fired top-vent gravity wall furnace?

  • Fan Blade with MPN P320907

  • Motor with MPN P320905

  • Fan Switch with MPN P142900

  • Furnace Transformer with MPN P024200

  • Base Gasket with MPN P026500

  • Furnace Burner Flame Sensor with MPN P271100

  • Fan Shroud with MPN 12B03-1

  • Drft Hd Assy with MPN 12B12

  • Casing Assembly with MPN 12C10

  • Fan Switch with MPN P320911

  • Heating Elem with MPN 9C40-2

  • Water Heater Thermocouple with MPN p042100

  • Pilot-Nat with MPN P320758

  • Blower Body (Blower Kit - 9Fg41 Stock No. 1591) with MPN 9C102

  • Drafthood (2 Req.) with MPN 9C53

  • Blower Grille (Blower Kit - 9Fg41 Stock No. 1591) with MPN 9C99

  • Orifice Fitg with MPN P090500

  • Draf Dflctor with MPN 9B86

  • Thermostat with MPN P251000

  • Valve with MPN P295000

  • Face Panel with MPN 8311989

  • Liner Assembly with MPN 11B46

  • Burn Spacer with MPN P018100

  • Fan Gasket with MPN p028300

  • Furnace Blower Fan Motor with MPN p062101

  • Switch Box with MPN 11B05

  • Isolator with MPN P022800

  • Slctr Switch with MPN P213400

  • Furnace Blower Fan Wheel with MPN P014300

  • Furnace Blower Fan Motor with MPN p062100

  • Heating Part with MPN p271100

  • Limit Switch with MPN P296000

  • Furnace Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control Module with MPN p271000

  • Tubing Assembly with MPN 11C37

  • Casing Assembly with MPN 11C42-2

  • Valve with MPN P295001

  • Grommet (2 Req.) (Blower Kit - 9Fg41 Stock No. 1591) with MPN P320908

  • Manifold Retainer with MPN 9A106

  • Valve - Itt - General Controls Tv27 Nat. with MPN P173200

  • Fan Blade with MPN P300600

  • Htg Element with MPN 12C18

  • Gasket with MPN P107900

  • Motor with MPN P303100

  • Inner Liner with MPN 12B15

  • Casing Assembly with MPN 11C42-1

  • Pilot with MPN P229300

  • Air Inl Extn with MPN 11B49

  • Face Gasket with MPN P151400

  • Gasket with MPN P151900

  • Motor with MPN P151100

  • Fan Blade with MPN P200600

  • Blower Wheel with MPN p014300

  • Junction Box with MPN 7B29

  • Side Grille (7So26) (Not Available Separately, In Kit Form Only.) with MPN 1577

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