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What parts are compatible with a Model #PTH154A35AA/P1202259R Amana air conditioner & heater?

- Screw with MPN m0211018

- Refrigerator Screw with MPN m0267144

- Refrigerator Nut with MPN m0282015

- Gas Valve with MPN C6476904

- Machine Screw with MPN m0216716

- Furnace Burner Orifice with MPN 10716003

- Screw with MPN m0211016

- Machine Screw with MPN m0216529

- Capacitor with MPN D6879739

- Bracket-Motor Mount with MPN C9446702

- Strap with MPN A3410501

- Gasket with MPN d9983002

- Washer Cable Tie with MPN m0321202

- Refrigerator Evaporator Mounting Screw with MPN m0211022

- Screw with MPN m0212517

- Refrigerator Screw with MPN m0236717

- Refrigerator Screw with MPN m0224956

- Foam Gasket with MPN 10839808

- Screw with MPN m0211345

- Strainer with MPN b1257808

- Microwave Screw with MPN m0213817

- Capacitor with MPN d6879842

- Lock Nut with MPN a3436601

- Clip with MPN 11045102

- Room Air Conditioner Foam Seal with MPN 10839814

- Refrigerator Screw with MPN m0241118

- Refrigerator Screw with MPN m0211217

- Room Air Conditioner Screw with MPN m0211543

- Washer Screw with MPN m0213203

- Machine Screw with MPN m0211216

- Refrigerator Wire Retainer with MPN m0104101

- Air Filter with MPN A3445904

- Motor Bracket with MPN 11166101

- Room Air Conditioner Compressor Overload Protector with MPN d6961639

- Screw with MPN m0211003

- Refrigerator Screw with MPN m0211317

- Bracket Odt Mount with MPN C6440201

- T-Stat-Outdoor with MPN C6444001

- Switch with MPN M0385302

- Switch with MPN M0385402

- Relay with MPN C6409305

- Capacitor Mounting Bracket with MPN C6440301

- Control Knob with MPN C2737506

- Board, Breaker with MPN C6171901

- Circuit Breaker with MPN C6172005

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