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What parts are compatible with a Model #PW835TL-C Schwank vented wall furnace?

  • Thermostat with MPN A110621-G1

  • Valve with MPN B110405-G1

  • Generator with MPN B110403-G1

  • Pilot Orific with MPN A110340-G2

  • Regulator with MPN B110405-G6

  • Bag Assembly with MPN A110375-G8

  • Casing with MPN A110498-G2

  • Nut with MPN AW3655-G4

  • Shield Sole with MPN C110523-G1

  • Burner Orifice-Lp #54 Pw825-C Sel with MPN CW1387-G15

  • Manifold with MPN A110148-G1

  • Clip Retain with MPN A110157-G1

  • Orifice with MPN A110339-G3

  • Casing with MPN A110498-G5

  • Pilot Burner with MPN B107990-G1

  • Vent Assembly with MPN B110088-G2

  • Gasket with MPN A107674-G1

  • Generator with MPN A110403-G1

  • Thermostat Wire with MPN A110408-G1

  • Comb Chamber with MPN A110676-G1

  • Retainer with MPN BW4696-G1

  • Access Door with MPN C110017-G3

  • Seal with MPN B110683-G1

  • Burner with MPN C110669-G1

  • Pipe Inlet with MPN A108391-G1

  • Igniter Assembly with MPN B108137-G7

  • Retain Screw with MPN BW4617-G2

  • Right Shield with MPN D110616-G1

  • Comb Chamber with MPN D110624-G1

  • Casing Assembly with MPN D110026-G10-2

  • Casing with MPN D110026-G9

  • Clip Hinge with MPN A106372-G1

  • Grommet with MPN A15936-G1

  • Lock Nut with MPN AW2520-G1

  • Eyelet with MPN AW3681-G1

  • Cvr Jnct Box with MPN B106100-G3

  • Flue Assembly with MPN B110269-G4

  • Top Shield with MPN D110198-G1

  • Gskt Spnge with MPN A120093-G3

  • Door Fstner with MPN A120155-G1

  • Gasket Sponge Dr with MPN B120149-G1

  • Mntg Brckt with MPN B120040-G1

  • Igntn Cntrl with MPN C120135-G1

  • Orifice with MPN CW1387-G37

  • Burner with MPN D110447-G1

  • Front Panel with MPN B108493-G1

  • Combustion Chamber Ayc (Repair) (Incl. Items 20, 23, 26) with MPN D108233-G2

  • Cont Tup Asy with MPN D120065-G1-1

  • Valve with MPN B120103-G1

  • Draft Hood with MPN C120046-G1

  • Front Panel Assembly with MPN C120182-G1

  • Cntl Shield with MPN C120359-G1

  • Electrode with MPN B10848-G1

  • Regulator & Operator Head (Repair) with MPN B110760-G2

  • Valve Comb with MPN B110666-G2

  • Manifold Assembly with MPN B110740-G2

  • Frame Assembly with MPN C110299-G1

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