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When Should I Replace my AC?

Your AC should be replaced if it’s 10 years or older. While old age is the primary reason for replacement, it might be smart to consider a new AC when your existing unit has trouble keeping up and if you notice your energy bills rising.

A Faulty AC Unit

Replacing your AC unit may not be the fun summer project you had in mind, but it sure is a necessary one if you plan to keep cool.

Here are some signs that your AC unit needs replacement:

  • AC is over 10 years old

  • AC has a low SEER rating

  • AC has frequent breakdowns

  • AC uses R22 Freon

  • Expensive repairs keep adding up

  • Your home isn’t staying cool

Replace Over Repair

Repairing your AC unit may sound more cost-efficient than replacing it entirely. However, unless your unit is less than 10 years old and has only required minor repairs, it’s best to replace it. Repairs can add up and may run you out of the money you could put toward a replacement system.

Keeping Cool When Your AC Can’t

If your AC gives out, there’s no need to panic, but you will want to act fast. There are several types of AC units to choose from that will bring you and your home back to coolness in no time.




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