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When Should I Replace my AC Fan Motor?

It’s not easy to say goodbye to what keeps you cool, but an AC fan motor can only last so long. If your AC fan motor has consistent issues that are racking up repair costs, it’s time to bid farewell and replace your system with a new one.

Fan Motor is Noisy

Unfortunately, ear plugs won’t make the noises disappear. If you hear screeching or squealing noises from your AC fan motor, it’s likely that the blower belt is damaged or the motor has bearing problems. These noises require quick fixes, like replacing the belt or lubricating the bearings. However, if you hear a loud rattling noise from the condenser unit when you turn the fan motor on, it’s more likely that a piece of the fan blade has broken off or disconnected. As a result, your fan motor may need replacing.

Fan Motor is Vibrating

Noise is one problem, but if your fan motor is also vibrating, it’s probably time to replace this homemade boombox you’ve got going. Vibration can be traced to the blower wheel, fan blade, or a motor imbalance. Don’t ignore this issue, because the vibration can loosen screws and cause other problems within the AC unit.

Fan Motor Out of Breath

Your AC fan motor works hard to keep you cool. If you notice a lack of airflow coming from your vents, it’s likely the blower motor has stopped working and needs to be replaced. Your still air can also be due to a weak relay, thermostat batteries, a faulty thermostat, or a fan control problem. In any case, it’s smart to confront the issue immediately rather than replacing other parts in the long run.

Wave Goodbye to Your Fan

The last thing you want to worry about when summer rolls around is your AC fan motor malfunctioning. Get ahead of the game and contact an HVAC technician once you notice any visible or audible issues with your AC fan motor.

Contacting an HVAC Technician

To avoid breaking an unnecessary sweat on the hottest day of the year, be sure to call an HVAC technician to help replace your fan motor.

What to Expect from the Installation

As you replace your AC fan motor, you may also need to replace the fan blade so your new motor can work as efficiently as possible. With a new installation, your home will get that cool air you’ve been waiting for.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?