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When Should I Replace my AC Receiver Drier?

The refrigerant filter drier is a disposable component of your AC system that needs to be replaced whenever the circuit has been opened and exposed to moisture and humidity from the outside air.

Reasons for Replacement

The refrigerant filter drier works hard to prevent excess moisture from entering other parts of your AC system. Without it, the performance of your compressor’s lubricating oil may fail and your AC system could corrode. Replacing your refrigerant filter drier can significantly lower the chances of facing these issues.

You should replace your refrigerant filter drier if and when:

  • You’re replacing the compressor

  • The circuit has been opened

  • There’s been a serious leakage in the AC system

  • There’s excess moisture

  • Acid has been detected in the system

  • The filtering and desiccant layers are restricting refrigerant flow

  • Unusual sounds are coming from the AC system

Nothing Left to Receive

When your AC refrigerant filter drier has run its course, it’s time to retire it. Once your refrigerant filter drier is worn out, it may lead to circuit clogs and problematic operating pressures in your system. The bottom line is that malfunctioning refrigerant filter drier can impact other parts of your AC unit, so you should contact an HVAC technician to help with your drier installation sooner rather than later.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?