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When Should I Replace my Blower Motor?

As it ages, your HVAC blower motor will start to decay and could cause issues beyond repair.

A Hot Blow-Out (Minus the Salon)

A blower motor blow-out should be handled with care — and quick repair. After all, it’s a crucial part that keeps your HVAC system running smoothly, so you can stay cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

It’s likely time to replace your blower motor when you notice that your:

  • Indoor unit is leaking due to a frozen evaporator coil

  • Furnace won’t turn on

  • Furnace won’t not stay on

  • Motor is noisy

  • Indoor blower unit is vibrating

  • AC unit isn’t producing cold air

  • Compressor sounds louder than normal

Blower Motor Can't Bear the Wear

With age, your blower motor and its parts can suffer some wear and tear. Overheating and excess moisture are the most common causes of a failed blower motor — both are related to different parts of your blower motor, like the bearings and AC coils.

Worn Bearings

Even though your blower motor’s bearings can wear over time, they’re even more prone to damage when your blower motor overheats. Overheating can cause an internal electrical short, and that can make your motor fail.

The blower motor bearings are initially lubricated with oil. However, if the motor overheats, the oil can break down and cause your bearings to wear prematurely. This can cause friction in the blower motor and eventually call for its replacement.

Motor on Thin Ice?

Your blower motor can be exposed to excess moisture from a condensate leak in the A-Coil drain system or from a frozen coil above it that drips water as it defrosts. Either way, if your blower motor comes into contact with too much moisture, it can short out and stop operating completely.

Blowing in the Direction of Replacement

As you already know, nothing lasts forever. Even if you treat your blower motor with care and annual maintenance, it will eventually wear out. It’s important to replace the blower motor before it has the chance to damage other parts of your HVAC system.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?