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Which Return Vents Should Be Open in Summer?

You should leave your upper vents open and lower vents closed in the summer to help your HVAC remove heat from your home. Leaving your upper return vents open in the summer will help keep your home cool and can even save you money.

Up, Up, And Away

Heat rises, and while hot air balloons use that momentum to push the basket up in the air, your home draws excess hot air in your upper return vents to help keep your home cool.

Time to open up!

As the weather gets warmer in the summer, your upper return vents should be open and your lower return vents should be closed. This will allow the cold air to circulate around your home and hot air to be drawn through your return registers.

Your upper and lower return registers should not be in the same orientation at the same. If both registers are open, your system will have trouble heating and cooling. Of course, if both are closed, air won’t be able to circulate at all.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?