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Who Do I Call For Electrical Problems?

Before booking an in-home visit, determine if the electrical problem has to do with your utility company’s electrical supply. Do your neighbors have power? Do only some parts of your home have electricity? If the problem appears to be with your home’s own system, begin by checking your main circuit panel and GFCIs to see if anything has tripped (simply resetting the circuit breaker should do the trick). If that’s not the issue, then it’s time to call an electrician.

How Do I Find a Good Electrician?

Like any other home repair, it’s best to think about your budget, do some online research for local and electricians, and make some calls. Not sure what expertise you need, or even what the problem is? HomeX electricians can diagnose your issue for free right over the phone (and may even be able to help you fix the issue without coming out to your home). Try out HomeX Remote Assist service!



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