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Why is my air conditioner not cooling properly?

The problem with your air conditioner can come down to system wear and tear or even leaks in your air ducts. Rest assured, there are some troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you get through the scorching heat while you wait for a specialist.

Who (or What) Turned up the Heat?

AC filter is dirty

Over time, the filter on your cooling system collects dirt and dust. You must clean your filters on a regular basis to keep the air in your home and your system running efficiently.

Is it time to clean your filter? Here's some more signs your filter is finished. In your case, this isn't a bad thing. Cleaning or changing your filter is easy, and one of the cheaper solutions to your problem.

AC coils are dirty

Your AC's condenser unit pulls in air and passes it over a coil to keep you cool. But, with moving air comes dirt and dust. Over time, dirt will build up around the coil and block the cool air. Your AC will keep running, but you will remain hot. If your indoor evaporator coil is also clogged with dirt, it won't be able to absorb the humidity out of the air and your system will struggle to reach the temperature setpoint, leaving you with a hot, sticky home.

You should consider getting your evaporator coil cleaned once a year or more often, as needed.

Refrigerant is leaking

A pressure switch on your AC will shut things down if the refrigerant charge is too low. After the system shuts down, the pressure equalizes in all parts of the system and tries to start again, only to shut down because the pressure is too low.

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