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Why is my hive not connecting?

Go to the Application Hive menu, press Manage Devices and update the page. If the hub appears when you are logged in, you don't need to follow the remaining steps. Step 3. Check if the ethernet cable is properly connected to your broadband router.




How do I reconnect my hive to the Internet?

You can reconnect the hub to your Wi-Fi by accessing your Hive application, tap Hub 360, Settings, Change Wi-Fi and follow the application instructions. Step 6. Return to the Hive application menu, tap Manage Devices and update the page. If the hub appears as connected, you are finished!

Why has my hive gone offline?

If your Hive light appears as off in the Hive or Website board application, it may be because it has been switched off manually by the existing light switch on the wall or lamp. Once the wall switch or lamp cannot be switched off remotely until it is restarted on the switch.

Why is my hive not pairing?

With the status of the receiver showing the yellow-amber flash and the thermostat in search, then go to the hive app and select the option to install a device and then select other hive devices. If the thermostat is not yet paired, then try to move it closer to the hub, this will help you put it back online.

Why is my hive status Red?

What to do if your Hive receiver has a red traffic light. If your receiver has a red traffic light, it means that you have lost the connection to the thermostat. This could be due to a bad signal between your devices or pias batteries in your thermostat. You can also see that the boiler appears disconnected in the Hive application.

How do I resync my hive?

To connect the receiver to the hub, put the hub in the pairing mode. You can do this by selecting Installing devices within the Hive application menu. From there, tap Add another device and then start looking for the hubs. Leave the search for the hub and the receiver will switch to a single amber flash.

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