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Why Is My Humidifier Not Working?

Problems with your indoor humidifier can stem from sediment buildup in your evaporator pad or on your water tank after consistent use, but some issues can arise when the humidifier isn’t being used at all.

If Clogged, Then Clean

Humidity in your home helps keep your skin from cracking, hardwood floors from shrinking, and your plants from withering. When your humidifier stops working, things can dry up quickly.

Your humidifier uses water to boost the moisture level in the air, so your home feels more like a pleasant summer day than an arid desert. However, minerals in your water can build up on your humidifier’s evaporator pad and elsewhere to create clogs in your system.

An easy way to avoid the mineral madness is to clean your humidifier regularly! Cleaning your humidifier at the end of every season is a great way to keep your system in good shape.

Is This Thing On?

Like any appliance in your home, your humidifier needs to be turned on regularly. As the seasons change, you likely change your humidifier settings. When you’re playing with the settings, it’s not uncommon to close water valves or turn off your system and forget to turn it back on again in the next season -- that’s the first thing you’ll want to check when you power back up!

If the water valve is closed, no water can enter the humidifier (and your system won’t work). If the air feels dry and you’re wondering why, double-check that your humidifier is on and the water valve is open.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?