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Why is My Radiator Cold?

There are many parts to your heating system, so it’s important to check the settings for each part and troubleshoot for air locks if your radiator is cold.

Reasons for a Cold Radiator

Here’s a rundown of possible reasons for why your radiator is cold, and where and what to check out:

Boiler Check

The boiler is a major part of your heating system and needs to be set properly to work properly. If you have a combi-boiler, which serves as both a water heater and central heating boiler, make sure it’s turned off from summer mode, set for both hot water and heating, and that it’s not displaying a fault code.

Checking your boiler can help detect issues with your heating system and ensure that your radiator stays warm when you need it most.

Heat Pump Check

Your system’s heat pump is crucial for heating the water that flows through your radiator. If your heat pump is struggling to operate, it can cause all your radiators to lose their heat. Checking and fixing your heat pump is an important step.

Air Lock Check

If one or more radiators in your home are cold, they’re likely dealing with trapped air. An air lock will prevent an even distribution of hot water in your radiator so it can’t work properly. You can remove these air pockets yourself, but it’s smart to contact an HVAC technician for help if you’re unfamiliar with the procedure or if this is a recurring problem.

Valve Check

If air locks don’t seem to be the problem, it’s time to vet your radiator’s valves. Your radiator likely has a thermostatic valve at its base that controls the flow of hot water to your radiator. This valve can get stuck and seize up (often due to old age), preventing your radiator from receiving hot water and doing its job.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?