Why Is My Refrigerant Filter Drier Freezing Up?

Your refrigerant filter drier could be freezing due to a high superheat, system leaks, and a low flow of refrigerant. For your AC system to run properly, it will need all the help it can get. The refrigerant filter drier operates in line with the TXV to keep the refrigerant clean and to remove moisture within the system as it is running.


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How Your Refrigerant Filter Drier Works

Your refrigerant filter drier is located in the high-pressure side of your system, normally between the condenser outlet and the inlet of your TXV. The filter drier and its desiccant serve to dry, clean, and absorb moisture from the refrigerant. The action of the refrigerant filter drier helps protect the TXV.

Avoid Freaky Leaks

Since the refrigerant filter drier acts as a trap for moisture, it protects all of the internal refrigerant components from corrosion and subsequent failure. If you want a system that you can rely on for many years, keep an eye on the refrigerant filter drier.

A Hot Commodity

Your AC system will be just as happy as you are with a functioning refrigerant filter drier. Your AC unit relies on each one of its parts, and many of the smallest pieces can cause big issues.




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