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Why Is My Thermostat Beeping?

TechXpert verified by Ken K

Most thermostats aren’t capable of making audible sounds, so it’s unlikely that the beeping noise is coming from your thermostat. In all likelihood, the beeping is coming from a nearby electronic device, like a smoke alarm or a carbon monoxide detector. Sound travels, so it can take some detective work to find the source of the beeping.

Finding the Source

If you’re certain that your thermostat is making the noise, one option is to disconnect the thermostat from the AC unit (if you don’t need heating or cooling at the moment).

Start by turning off the system’s power (this might stop the beeping) and then remove the batteries from the thermostat.

Then, the next step is to contact a technician to take a look. An expert will know how to assess the thermostat and help determine any issues in or around your AC unit.

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