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Why Is There Water at the Bottom of My Dishwasher?

If water is backing up in your dishwasher, you’ve likely got a clogged drain or filter. Food scraps that fall off dirty dishes can collect and wreak havoc on the drain in your unit, but the good news is regular cleaning can prevent these clogs.

Stubborn Blockages

While your dishwasher is equipped to handle little pieces of food and debris, scrap can build up over time and those larger pieces may get stuck. The easiest way to avoid a backup? Rinse your dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. If you’re already dealing with a clog, use these simple cleaning tips to clear your dishwasher drain.

Clean Your Filter and Drain Basket

Cleaning your dishwasher filter and drain basket is the first step to reducing food debris. Make it a point to clean these parts regularly, and you’ll see less pooling at the bottom of your dishwasher: a deep clean every three to six months is a good idea.

Other Parts Prone to Clogs

Your filter and drain basket are common points of buildup, but the drain hose, drain pump, and sprayer arm can also malfunction when food clumps lodge inside. Frequent maintenance and cleaning will help protect your system and keep nasty blockages from interfering with your draining cycle.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?