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Your Guide To Fall Home Maintenance

Are you ready to tackle fall home maintenance? HomeX has all the tips and tricks you need to prepare for the change in season! When it comes to maintaining your home, it’s what’s on the inside and outside that counts. Use this homeowner guide to keep your home in shape!

If you need a little extra help along the way, our HomeX Remote Assist technicians are available virtually to provide one-on-one trusted guidance.

Top 5 Tips For Indoor Maintenance

1. Clean your HVAC filters & reverse your return vents

To clean your HVAC filters, turn off your unit, remove the filters, and use a vacuum hose to clean them. If you notice any tears or excessive grime on your filters, it’s best to replace them. Next, open your low return vents and close the high ones to optimize heat and airflow.

2. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors, CO detectors, & thermostat

When temperatures drop, you’ll likely befriend your heating system and fireplace to keep warm. Be sure to change the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors to prevent any indoor air quality hazards and the ones in your thermostat so you’re ready to heat your home!

3. Protect your pipes

Just as you use blankets to keep warm, be sure to layer your home’s piping with insulation foam or heat tape to protect it from freezing or bursting. Remember to disconnect the garden hose from your outdoor faucet to prevent the water pipe from freezing and splitting inside your wall.

4. Insulate your attic

Windows and doors are not alone when it comes to needing insulation. Your attic is a significant culprit for heat loss during the fall. Insulate your attic to reduce heat loss from your home.

5. Clean your dryer vents

Keep your clothes dry and your home fire-free by cleaning your dryer vents. You should unplug the dryer and detach the tube connecting it to the wall. Use a dryer cleaning kit or a vacuum to clean the tube, the vent, and the vent cap attached to your home.

Top 3 Tips for Outdoor Maintenance

1. Gut your gutters for leaves & debris

As pretty as fall leaves are, they can wreak havoc on your gutters. Try using a gutter scoop or a leaf blower to remove all the leaves, sticks, and other debris stuck in your gutters. This fix can prevent water from leaking into your house or damaging your home’s foundation.

2. Make sure your roof is in shape

Are all your shingles in shape? Rain, snow, ice, wind, and humidity can affect the conditions of your roof. To protect your home’s insulation, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, hire a professional to inspect your roof.

3. Look for potential faults in your foundation

Your home may call for caulking if there are any cracks or gaps in areas where masonry meets siding, where pipes and wires enter your home, or around your door and window frames. Sealing these parts will help prevent heat from escaping your home and water or ice from entering.

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What Did You Think of This Article?