The Right Solution

At HomeX we believe it's about finding the right solution to a problem – not the typical one.

Who We Help

We offer a compelling value proposition for EVERYONE involved


  • Get immediate access to expert help for home issues
  • Feel heard and confident that accurate info has been captured and someone is on top of it
  • Save time and money

Service Providers

  • Qualify and triage jobs in advance
  • Enhance efficiency and profitability with higher quality jobs
  • Expand capacity and reduce knowledge gaps
  • Improve tech work-life balance and career longevity

Industry Players

  • Elevate customer experience to increase CSAT and retention
  • Improve service network relations
  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Minimize operational burden & cycle time
  • Optimize training and support costs

Solutions We Offer

The home services industry is plagued by issues impacting residents and providers.  Our solutions combine visual assistance, diagnostic intelligence and access to expert labor to empower a range of user types to remotely diagnose and resolve home issues.

A Comprehensive Solution

HVAC, plumbing, appliance and electrical problems are typically difficult to diagnose without sending a technician to the home, exacerbating key challenges facing the industry today.  

HomeX delivers a unique suite of solutions combining computer vision, automated reasoning, and access to expert labor to help you combat these challenges in the way that works best for your organization.

Diagram showing a virtual diagnosis call leading to an field visit and resolutionDiagram showing a virtual diagnosis call leading to an field visit and resolution
A HomeX expert technician speaking with a customer

People + Technology

Our innovative, easy-to-use technology empowers our experienced technicians to deliver enhanced diagnostics at scale, while complementing your existing workflows.

  • Remote diagnosis supported by experienced and vetted technicians across multiple trades, trained to deliver the highest quality customer experience.
  • Fully outsourced solution or Diagnostic Software escalations (e.g. after-hours, overflow, etc.)
  • Access to skilled professionals amid labor shortage
A HomeX expert technician speaking with a customer

Diagnosis at Your Fingertips

Our detailed diagnostic reports provide meaningful information before in-home visits, allowing you to dispatch for resolution rather than diagnosis.

After each session, you will have access to structured diagnostic notes, equipment details, annotated screenshots, and session recordings to help you intelligently dispatch in-home technicians, and provide field techs with critical insight that will speed up time to resolution.

A women showing her home system to a technician through a remote diagnostic call

All the Power – in YOUR Hands

Our Diagnostic Software Platform leverages the same technology our own technicians use to provide Live Expert Help, powered by our proprietary Diagnostic Engine to help you deliver a smarter, more efficient, and differentiated customer experience.

Whether you staff with trained technicians or customer service agents to troubleshoot and resolve issues or collect equipment and diagnostic details before an in-home visit, our technology is designed with flexibility in mind.

Customer support agents speaking with customers on the phone
HomeX diagnostic software enabled across devices

Visual Assistance + Intelligence

A unique combination of AR-powered visual assistance with machine intelligence guides diagnosis and empowers a range of user types with varying levels of domain expertise:

  • See what your customers see (no app required)
  • Capture, structure & store relevant information
  • AR features (e.g. annotated screenshots, OCR, laser pointer, etc.)
  • Machine-guided diagnosis leveraging proprietary knowledge graph & reasoning engine
  • NLP and computer vision enables intuitive interactions between human and machine
  • Access to skilled labor via Live Expert Help solution for escalations (e.g. after-hours, overflow, etc.)
HomeX diagnostic software enabled across devices

Key Features

Cross-Platform, Cross-Device Video and Voice Support
Seamless and intuitive experience over web- or app-based video.
Omni-Channel Booking
Ability to book a Remote Diagnostic session via client support team, website or app.
Access to Skilled Labor On Demand
Fully outsource remote diagnostic sessions or escalate when convenient.
Partner Portal
One-stop-shop to manage sessions, monitor outcomes, and review diagnostic info.
Structured Diagnostic Including Pictures and Video
Consistent, relevant, detailed, and actionable diagnostic information.
API and CRM Integrations (COMING SOON)
Key outcome and diagnostic info automatically accessible in Client systems.
AI/ML-Powered entity recognition and AR 
Auto-recognition of equipment details with quick access to applicable manuals, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Laser pointer
Proprietary Knowledge Graph and Diagnostic Engine
ML-generated "associations" help to identify issue causation and path to resolution, empowering less expert personnel
Smart Guidance and Recommendations
Auto-population of structured fields and real-time intelligent recommendations for troubleshooting steps.

Interested in Learning More?

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